Having difficulty creating or maintaining a vision for your business? You need an i specialist.

Actually, ispecialist is my Twitter ID and my chosen handle in my business life. The “i” specialist — one specializing in ideas, information, innovation, illustration, implementation, image, instruction — and more.

April, the "i" specialist in caricature

April, the “i” specialist is also an impression chef.

Are you your company’s social media ambassador? I can help you do the job or take it on for you.

…but there’s more to marketing than status updates.

I write and edit website content; create and post engaging, shareable content across multiple platforms to promote my clients’ organizations; engage in conversations with followers on social sites; and build communities. In addition to all that, I am constantly on the lookout for real world opportunities for my clients to interact with their target markets.

I’m always looking for new ways to grow a business. I have the resourcefulness and creativity that are “musts” for marketing, particularly for marketing on a shoestring budget. I love the challenge of designing and implementing a marketing strategy that takes very little capital outlay. There has to be some spending…of time, of creativity, and of money…but I’m not just looking for a paycheck.

I’m happy to work with you to create a marketing services plan that fits within your budget to help grow your business.

My ultimate goal is your success because helping you succeed helps me to succeed!

(It’s corny but it’s true.)