Green i’s has over 8 years of experience in marketing both nonprofit and commercial ventures. Green i’s has developed and/or implemented marketing plans for businesses in: education, travel, staffing, and religion. Green i’s can help you develop a marketing plan designed to help you achieve your goals and help with implementation of that plan to the extent you desire. Green i’s can even help you determine the best goals for your organization.

Whether you’re looking for help developing social media marketing, an email marketing campaign, or real-world marketing and public relations efforts including direct mail, media outreach, and customer relationship development and management, Green i’s can help you create the marketing mix that’s right for you.

    • Marketing Plan – Comprehensive plan describing tasks to be performed in order to increase profits, develop customer relationships, or meet pre-determined goals. This plan will include target market research, analysis of current business/marketing practices, and quantifiable measures of success. You may either use our services to implement the entire plan or perform the marketing activities yourself.
    • Social Media Marketing – Blog development and maintenance (as needed), developing and maintaining relationships in the social media space, creating and maintaining a social media persona that represents your organization, social media press releases, and online promotion of your website and organization.
    • Media Outreach – Development and planning of public relations opportunities, alerting the media about your organization’s news and activities, and helping to increase recognition of your organization’s name and mission.
  • Customer Relationship Development and Management – Detailed analysis of current customers, information-gathering to create deeper relationships, and development of plans to sell more to current customers, increase public awareness, and grow word of mouth referrals.

Effective marketing takes time to produce results. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. When we enter an agreement to market your organization, Green i’s anticipates a minimum 6 month commitment. During that time we will develop, implement, test, and tweak your marketing to make sure we’ve got a successful mix. Please contact the i specialist to discuss the services that best fit your needs.